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Those seeking to save money, save energy, and above all enhance their quality of life--both at work and at play. Anyone tired of getting the same old results can benefit most from Lolalisa's involvement, consulting and administrative skills. Lolalisa serves as a true architect--available and committed to help you design the right path for your individual and corporate success. Lolalisa's finance background also serves to assist you in creating a prosperous plan for your life as well as a profitable and sustainable plan for your department, division or company.

Architect for Life is very knowledgeable in identifying company and project goals, objectives and quality expectations, as well as developing and motivating a team to achieve such goals. She possesses an exceptional work ethic and commitment to integrity in every aspect of daily life. Systematic pursuit of feasible opportunities, development of best practices, training solidification and technological upkeep, including securing fiscally sound operational decisions, as well as exemplified operational smoothness, are all tantamount to her day-to-day stride.

Architect for Life has an outstanding ability of effective negotiation and people skills. Her portfolio has a proven success of office practice leadership as she develops strategies relating to all aspect of the business and operations and also in solving complex issues. She is competent in handling conflict resolution throughout an organizational environment. She is knowledgeable in the importance of acceptance of total responsibility in every assigned and developed task. Her proficiency in the successful manor in which she handles a variety of people, tasks, projects, and company priorities is phenomenal. She remains successful in defining, developing and monitoring budgets, schedules, manpower needs, standards, systems and procedures for effective and efficient organizational operations. She is exceptional at business planning, marketing, budgeting, human resources, overhead management, cash management, as well as her understanding of accurate financial and project reporting. She is skilled in coordinating and optimizing people, resources, markets and gliding through tough administrative issues.


Sustainable Environments
• LEED-Leadership in Energy/Environmental Design
• Building Commissioning • EECBG (DOE) Administration;

Sustainable Businesses
• Business Platform Development • SBA, HUB, DBE Certifications • Back Office Strategies and Procedures
• Electronic Performance & Time/Attendance • Operations & Policy Implementation

Sustainable Lives
• Balancing Personal & Professional Activity • Time Management • Activating your "off switch" • Health & Wellness • Spiritual Strength

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